Commodity Trading Risk Analyst Certificate

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February 2025

The Risk Analyst is exposed to a wide range of risks; operational and financial. Complex and diverse, the risks are often interconnected. His/her function is to identify the risks and to follow the operations all the way through the transaction from one end to the other, supported by specialised computer systems, while fostering communication among the various departments.

As the Risk Analyst function is at the heart of the business, his/her position has to constantly evolve in order to accompany the process of changes and the implementation of new projects and advanced technologies.

The main goals of this programme are:

  • To offer commodity trading companies and banking entities a specific training programme to meet their needs
  • To leverage skills of young professionals in their career in the commodity trading industry

48 hours course spread in 8 modules of 6 hours each

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Most types of commodities are covered to give participants a solid understanding of:

- Introduction to Commodity Trading (organisation of a trading company, different types of commodities, market players, current economical context, etc.)

- Role of the Risk Analyst/Middle Officer (role and function of the different departments, interdepartmental organisation, hedging, etc.)

- Risks identification (from long/short to complex risk mapping, typology of risks, liquidity risks, operational risks, identifying risks arising from transactions and pricing formulas, etc.)

- Market techniques and organisation (derivative tools, futures, options EFP, forwards, physical pricing mechanisms, articulation OTC vs futures, marging calls, etc.)

- Execution, Operations and verifications (deal entry, reporting, PnL calculation and reporting, hedging adjustments, controls and reconciliations, etc.)

- Corporate reporting and risk management (analytical PnL reporting, Options risk reporting, VAR, stress scenarios, cross commodity risks, internal control, compliance, etc.)

- Introduction to pricing (forward curves, swap pricing, options valuation and risks, using time series, statistics and stochastic models, etc.)

- Project management (middle office and business analysis, interface with IT, new products, compliance and regulation)

- Case study

The programme has been created with a hands-on approach in order to give participants the best and quickest possible grip of the diverse procedures required in commodity trading operations. The modules take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings so as not to interfere with professional activities and to give participants enough time to absorb and eventually practise what has been learnt in the programme.

It has been designed for Trader Assistants, Risk Analysts and Middle Officers in the early stages of their career in a commodity trading company or in a bank who want to accelerate their training process and fully grasp all angles of this complex profession which in constant evolution.

Professionals considering a career change and interested in moving into the commodity field or fresh graduates seeking to acquire new skills to speed up their recruitment process.

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Stéphanie Trabia
Chief Commercial Officer
VAKT Global Ltd

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