Commodities Sustainability Fundamentals (ESG)

SUISSENÉGOCE is developing a new 2-days curriculum encompassing all aspects of sustainability: Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) for the whole range of the commodity industry (Oil & Gas, Metals & Minerals and Agricultural/Soft.
The first training "Commodities Sustainability Fundamentals (ESG)" has taken take place for the first time in January 2023.

2 sessions per year
* 28 + 30 May 2024
* 1 + 3 October 2024


Expectations around Sustainability matters are increasing and getting more and more specific. As requirements for Environmental Management, Energy Transition trajectories (carbon, biodiversity) and Human Rights Due diligence are widening, companies have to refine their strategies and upgrade their processes.

Translation of these requirements into hard laws is only starting. Switzerland has introduced in 2022 a modification to the Code of Obligation and two new ordinances in the framework of the Counterproject to the Responsible Business Initiative, defining due diligence and reporting obligations for the industry. In this context, the challenge for companies lies in the adoption of the right approach to abide by these new regulations.

To accompany companies active in the commodity trading industry in this endeavor, a new tailored training programme will be launched in January 2023 by SUISSENÉGOCE.


4 Sessions of one half-day each

The course will cover all key aspects of sustainability in the commodity trading industry through the value chain. There will cases for three types of trading so that participants can engage more easily – Oil & Gas, Metals & Minerals, Agri. There will be a focus on one type of commodities at each step of the value chain, having an expert present the most relevant aspects. The course will be concluded with each participants wrapping up on key areas to focus on in their specific context.

Session 1:

Introduction and overview of expectations around sustainability: legislation, standards, stakeholders and initial work on concepts of control and influence applied to proposed cases as well as stakeholder mapping

Session 2 & 3:

Deep dive into each stage of the value chain. The two sessions will include work in groups to work on chosen case. As participants go through each stage, specific issues on each aspect of Sustainability will be covered.

Session 4:

Focus on governance and communication aspects(committees, reporting, systems and transparency) and wrapping up with ‘from scratch to a strategy’, as individual working sessions by each student (or as small groups depending on the professionnal background diversity of the participants) to develop work plan specific to their own context.

Course Structure

The Modules will use a blended learning approach with face-to-face teaching, mandatory readings, practical exercises (a.o. stakeholder mapping), webinars and expert guestspeakers. Each session will be subject to group excercise, and a final presentation will be requested at the end of the training.

Certificate awarded

Participants who complete the whole programme will be awarded a Certificate of Participation. SUISSENÉGOCE as a trade association is recognized by companies in commodity trading for the quality of its trainings and their adequacy to the needs of the commodity trading activity.

Registration for October 2024 are now opened !

Online Application Form
Online Application Form

Get a comprehensive understanding of all sustainability linked challenges and opportunities when executing a commodity transaction.

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Objectives of the Programme

- Provide the participants with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of ESG at each step of physical commodities trading

- Familiarise the participants with ESG specific standards, documentation and specific terminologies immediately usable in their daily practice

- Understand how to develop a policy commitment and embed respect for environment, human rights and general governance into management systems

- Appreciate the need for cross collaboration and offer tools to set up a tailored approach to one’s organisation


•Management, front office, middle office, legal and compliance and any person interested inhow to integrate Environment, Social and Governance in the physical commoditiesvalue chain

•Specifically targeted for SME’s  

Course Lecturers

Meet the course lecturers who make the programme a success


Course Schedule and Location

Thursday & Friday, 19 & 20 October2023


SUISSENÉGOCE, 11 rue de Chantepoulet, 1201 Geneva


Registration form: please register with the above link "Online Application form"

Tuition Fees

For SUISSENÉGOCE members : CHF 1’000

For non SUISSENÉGOCE members : CHF 1’300

The course must be paid at least 10 days before start.

Program Director

Elsa Pernot, Group HSEC Director, Gunvor

Contact / +41(0)22 715 29 90

SUISSENÉGOCE is a non-profit, non-political Swiss association representing companies active in commodity trading and shipping activities, trade finance and related services.

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