Social Projects

SUISSENÉGOCE is firmly committed to contributing to the wider goal of sustainable and equitable development. Each year, the Association supports at least one social projects that is important to SUISSENÉGOCE's members.


2018: The Sea Cleaners

The management of plastic waste and the protection of biodiversity in the world's oceans are important global concerns for the preservation of precious natural resources.

SUISSENÉGOCE is pleased to support the Sea Cleaners, a unique and innovative project led by a passionate seafarer, Mr. Yvan Bourgnon. This initiative collects plastic waste from oceans and aims to protect the entire marine ecosystem from long-term pollution.

Be part of the solution, not the pollution !


2017: Nouvelle Planète (Burkina Faso)

Aims to develop understanding of career opportunities in the food industry in West African countries, provides youth with training opportunities and brings in professional equipment to help entrepreneurs develop their activities.


2017: Kalaamugosi Women's Co-operative Society (Uganda)

Provides training in good agricultural practices and supports farmers to achieve Rainforest Alliance certification, developing a sense of dignity and empowerment for women active in coffee production.

Local communities

2017: Fondation Cap Loisirs (Geneva)

Helps children, adolescents and adults with mental disabilities to improve their autonomy and social integration by providing leisure activities to complement their educational development.

Local communities

2016: Mercy Ships (worldwide)

Supporting the construction of a second ship to expand the ability of Mercy Ships, an NGO operating the world's largest hospital ship to serve the poorest countries in the world.


2015: Paysans Solidaires (Burkina Faso)

A project by a Swiss-based association to support rural development and sustainable production in Burkina Faso through soil restoration and fighting against desertification by planting hedferow, which is an innovative approach for building environmental safeguards into agricutlure in the Sahel zone.


2014: Fondation BK Lubamba (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

A sustainable agriculture project in Nsele in the eastern suburb of Kinshasa. Aims to plant a particular species of bunchgrass, whose very long roots helps to retain the topsoil, preventing erosion.

Local communities

2013: Nouvelle Planète (Peru)

A project by a Swiss-based NGO to empower villagers in the Peruvian Amazon forest through property rights and protection of rural areas.


2012: Terre & Faune (The Comoros Islands)

A project encouraging the creation of new economic activity by promoting recycling.


2010: Bateau Lavoir (Geneva)

A local organisation providing hospitality training to disadvantaged youth on their boat on the Rhône river.


2009: Bateau Genève (Geneva)

A local organisation offering meals, reintegration, programmes, and other support to people in need onboard their Lake Geneva steamboat.

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