Commodity Trading Fundamentals

Next training will take place online at following date:
- 11, 13, 18, & 20th June 2024

This course is inspired by a bespoke training which encountered such a success that SUISSENÉGOCE decided to propose it to a wider audience.

Its objective is to provide the participants, in a very short period of time, with a comprehensive understanding of all steps needed to execute a transaction from start to finish. The course focuses on the importance of each phase of a trading contract and emphasises the interactions between them.

The course is aimed at all employees new to the industry in administrtive positions looking to enhance their understanding of the commodity trading world, as well as to anyone who is seeking to fully grasp all angles of this complex economic activity.

Next session is exclusively online.

Get a comprehensive understanding of all steps needed to execute a physical commodity transaction

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Future sessions

Planning 2024:

11, 13, 18 & 20th June 2024 (exclusively online - from 11am to 4pm with 1 hour break)

8 & 9th October 2024 (exclusively in presence - from 9am to 6pm with 1 hour break)

Course Lecturer

The course lecturer who makes the programme a success

Richard Watts

Richard has over 20 years experience in shipping, trading, insurance, finance and legal matters relating to physical commodities.  

Richard started his trading career in 2000 working for two of the leading independent rice trading companies. During this time Richard worked in various sectors of the business including contract execution, legal, insurance and shipping.

In 2008 Richard created HR Maritime, based in Geneva to provide bespoke professional services to the trading and shipping community. HR Maritime presently offers consulting, outsourcing and training to the industry. Richard works tirelessly to improve the industry through technological advances, efficiency enhancement and error reduction.

Richard is the President of the Geneva branch of The Propeller Club and a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. Unrelated to his daily work, Richard is also the President of SOS Mediterrannee Suisse.

SUISSENÉGOCE is a non-profit, non-political Swiss association representing companies active in commodity trading and shipping activities, trade finance and related services.

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