Chief Strategy Officer
Sparta Commodities

She started in the research department at Elf Trading in Geneva in 1994 and evolved in a marketing/trading position on the derivatives desk. She then moved to Singapore and worked as an oil consultant at Saladin where she was training traders on a risk management system. After 2 years, she came back to London where she worked at ICE, a blueship company at the time, developing the trading platform for the oil market. She worked closely with the traders to match their requirements as close as possible for this new way of trading. She then became the CEO of ICE UK Ltd company, providing electronic trading to the natural gas, power, metals and oil markets. Stephanie participated actively in the take over of the International Petroleum Exchange in London (where the main European crude oil benchmarck Brent is listed) by ICE. She left the company when the Exchange was running fully electronically and joined MFGlobal to set up an OTC oil derivatives desk in the broking department. She managed to create a team of 10 brokers on the fuel oil market which ended up being very successful.

SUISSENÉGOCE is a non-profit, non-political Swiss association representing companies active in commodity trading and shipping activities, trade finance and related services.

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