Swiss Strengths

Switzerland is at the centre of Europe, it is a perfect location to communicate with the rest of the world: China in the morning and the USA in the afternoon.

Geneva, located at the Western end of the country, is a global city and a worldwide centre for diplomacy and international co-operation. Geneva is also described as the third European financial centre after London and Zurich.

The region offers a favourable environment for business with an excellent infrastructure and where English is commonly spoken.

There is here a highly qualified workforce as well as banks with expertise meeting the needs of commodity traders.

The commodity trading companies have also stimulated the development of a large network of services : banks, insurances, law firms, fiduciaries, forwarding agents, inspection and verification companies, ship-brokers, consultants.

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SUISSENÉGOCE is a non-profit, non-political Swiss association representing companies active in commodity trading and shipping activities, trade finance and related services.

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