On December 2013, having completed my Bachelor thesis on the remuneration sources of commodity trading companies and a five months stay in Boston, I was looking for a training program related to the commodity trading industry. My goal was to be a junior trader with the aim of getting into the industry through the Masters in International Trading, Commodity Finance and Shipping.

Through LinkedIn, I found the GTSA Operator Certificate and immediately enrolled. Even though it seemed expensive, the program proved to be a great investment.

The certificate provides an excellent understanding of the different aspects of the industry: trading operations, contracts, shipping, risks, finance, legal, and insurance. Additionally, the GTSA selected experts for each module, many of which are still in the business. The professors not only provided the best theoretical knowledge, but also spoke about the importance of the human factor in this industry.

After graduating with the GTSA Operator Certificate I was immediately contacted by a few companies and found a part time trainee position in a Trade & Risk department related to the Masters in International trading taught at the University of Geneva.

Constantin Boukas
Junior Trader
CHS Europe
Testimony from the
Operator's Certificate

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